St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

Українсъkа Катoлицъkа  Церква Св. Ӏвана Хрестителя

99 Y ears


Spring Yard Sale
The Parish Spring Yard Sale will be held on Saturday April 1, 2023 on the Parish Grounds from 9am-3pm. All are welcome.
Lenten Community Service
All are invited to join the Riverhead Council of Churches for the Lenten Community Service which will take place at our Church on Wednesday March 29 at 7pm. It will be presided over by the Most Rev. Bishop Paul Chomycky. All are welcome!
The Kobzar's Prayer for Ukraine
A concert , lecture and presentation of the traditional bandura, kobzar and torban - a fundraiser for Ukraine's Armed Forces and Kobzar Guild - to be held at our Church on Friday April 28, 2023 at 7pm.

Our Parish is preparing for its
Centennial Celebration
Sunday November 3, 2024.

We request that anyone affiliated with the Parish past or present who may have historical information (photographs, documents, anecdotes,,...) or any other appropriate information and/or wishes to participate/support this event to please contact us: Tel: 631-727-2766 or Email: as soon as possible.

The next Centennial Committee meeting will be held on Saturday November 19, 2022 at 4pm in the Parish Hall. All are welcome.

Наша Парафія готується святкувати своє


Святкування відбудуться у

Неділю, 3 Листопада 2024 року

Заохочуємо усіх, хто був чи є причетним до нашої парафії на протязі років і має документи, фотографії та будь яку іншу історичну інформацію, яка має стосунок до нашої парафії, звертатися до нас. Телефон: 631-727-27766 або імейл:

Наступна зустріч стосовно планування Століття відбудеться 19 Листопада 2022 року. Запрошуємо

Liturgy Schedule
(All Liturgies will be Live Streamed if possible)

    • Tuesday: 9am
    • Wednesday: 7pm
    • Thursday: 9am
    • Friday: 9am
    • Saturday: 9am
    • Sunday: 8:30am
    • Sunday: 10am

  • News

Major Church renovation plans for 2022
  • Church Front Wall Circular Stained Glass Window Repair Project (Done)
  • Vestibule Door Replacement Project (Done)

Major Church renovation plans for 2021
    • Church Back Wall Leak Repair Project (Done)
    • Church Chimney Flashing Project (Done)
  • Parish House Attic Window Replacement and Chimney Flashing Project (Done)

Major Church renovation plans for 2020
  • Church Entrance Rennovation Project (Done)
  • Tree Overhanging Limb Removal (Done)
  • Sign Installation (Done)
  • WindowRepairs (Done)
  • Basement Painting (Done)
  • Installation of New Basement Light Fixtures (Done)

Major Church renovation plans for 2015-2018
  • Church Roof Bell Tower and Dome repair/renewal(Done)Garage Roof Replacement (Done)
  • Church Entrance Steps-Railing Replacement (Done)
  • Easter Shroud Renovation (Done)
  • Driveway and Parking Lot repairs (Done)
  • Sidewalk Incline/Ramp (Done)
  • Church Hall Bathroom Renovations (Done)
  • Church Hall Kitchen Renovations (Done)
  • Church Hall Kitchen Stove Replacement (Done)
  • Tree Removal
  • New Chimney

Major Church renovation plans for 2014

  • Church Furnace Replacement (Oil to Gas Conversion)-Done
  • Tree Removal -Done

Major Church renovation plans for 2013

  • New Icons for our Church (Done)
  • Church Kitchen Sink Cesspool Replacement (Done)
  • New Byzantine Style Stations of the Cross (Done)

Major Church renovation plans for 2012

  • Replace Windows in the Rectory (Done)
  • New Gospel (Done)
  • New Vestments (Done)

Major Church renovation plans for 2011
  • Install Air Conditioning (Done)
  • Replace Rectory Furnace (Done)
  • Sanctuary Renovations (Done)

Major Church renovation plans for 2010
  • Replace Church Roof (Done)
  • Replace Rectory Roof (Done)
  • Church Grounds - Tree Clearing (Done)
  • Church Hall - Chair Replacement (Done)
  • Paint Church Interior (Done)
  • Paint Hall (Done)
  • Install Doors in Hall Storage Areas (Done)
  • Replace Garage Doors (Done)
  • Repair Stairwell Windows (Done)
  • Install additional railings in restroom foyer (Done)