St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

Українсъkа Катoлицъkа  Церква Св. Ӏвана Хрестителя

95 Y ears



Major Church renovation plans for 2015-2018
  • Church Roof Bell Tower and Dome repair/renewal(Done)Garage Roof Replacement (Done)
  • Church Entrance Steps-Railing Replacement (Done)
  • Easter Shroud Rennovation (Done)
  • Driveway and Parking Lot repairs (Done)
  • Sidewalk Incline/Ramp (Done)
  • Church Hall Bathroom Renovations (Done)
  • Church Hall Kitchen Renovations (Done)
  • Church Hall Kitchen Stove Replacement (Done)
  • Tree Removal
  • New Chimney

Major Church renovation plans for 2014

  • Church Furnace Replacement (Oil to Gas Conversion)-Done
  • Tree Removal -Done

Major Church renovation plans for 2013

  • New Icons for our Church (Done)
  • Church Kitchen Sink Cesspool Replacement (Done)
  • New Byzantine Style Stations of the Cross (Done)

Major Church renovation plans for 2012

  • Replace Windows in the Rectory (Done)
  • New Gospel (Done)
  • New Vestments (Done)

Major Church renovation plans for 2011
  • Install Air Conditioning (Done)
  • Replace Rectory Furnace (Done)
  • Sanctuary Renovations (Done)

Major Church renovation plans for 2010
  • Replace Church Roof (Done)
  • Replace Rectory Roof (Done)
  • Church Grounds - Tree Clearing (Done)
  • Church Hall - Chair Replacement (Done)
  • Paint Church Interior (Done)
  • Paint Hall (Done)
  • Install Doors in Hall Storage Areas (Done)
  • Replace Garage Doors (Done)
  • Repair Stairwell Windows (Done)
  • Install additional railings in restroom foyer (Done)

Annual Chicken BBQ

Sunday August 4, 2019

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