St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

Українсъkа Катoлицъkа  Церква Св. Ӏвана Хрестителя

99 Y ears


Rev. Bohdan Hedz
The Riverhead News Review
2022 Person of the Year.

Congratulations to Rev. Bohdan Hedz!


Христос народився!

Славіте Його!

Christ is born!

Let us glorify Him!

Our Parish is preparing for its
Centennial Celebration
Sunday November 3, 2024.

We request that anyone affiliated with the Parish past or present who may have historical information (photographs, documents, anecdotes,,...) or any other appropriate information and/or wishes to participate/support this event to please contact us: Tel: 631-727-2766 or Email: as soon as possible.

The next Centennial Committee meeting will be held on Saturday November 19, 2022 at 4pm in the Parish Hall. All are welcome.

Наша Парафія готується святкувати своє


Святкування відбудуться у

Неділю, 3 Листопада 2024 року

Заохочуємо усіх, хто був чи є причетним до нашої парафії на протязі років і має документи, фотографії та будь яку іншу історичну інформацію, яка має стосунок до нашої парафії, звертатися до нас. Телефон: 631-727-27766 або імейл:

Наступна зустріч стосовно планування Століття відбудеться 19 Листопада 2022 року. Запрошуємо

Thank You for Supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian People!

Слава Україні!
Glory to Ukraine!"

Donations in Support of Ukraine via our Parish

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church of Riverhead greatly appreciates the support demonstrated since the invasion started and the many inquiries made about how one can help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST CHURCH  820 Pond View Road, Riverhead NY 11901


We accept donations TUESDAY Thru FRIDAY 9 am to 5 pm


As of Saturday September 24, 2022 .....





Antibiotic creams, all kinds of gauzes, any hospital or doctor office medical supplies, cold medicine, vitamins, any wound care products, blood coagulants, any bum care products, Neosporin and antibiotic creams, painkillers: acetaminophen (Tylenol), aspirin (Bayer), ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve), Medical gloves.

Water filtration products(specifically to make''dirty''water potable/drinkable)


Ready to eat foods (no cans!), high caloric dry food (energy bars, ramen noodles, trail mixes.) Cocoa, Tea, Coffee (Plastic Containers ONLY!)

Toiletries: all kinds, for adults and children;

Diapers -- children's and adult's; and wipes


Men's NEW dark color underwear, t-shirts and socks

Winter Clothing

Children's NEW all sizes and both genders underwear, t-shirts and socks

Feminine products and NEW dark underwear




Approved donated items can be dropped off at the Parish located on Pond View Road. The Parish will ship these items to appropriate parties in Ukraine via approved aid organizations and shippers.

In addition, the Parish is accepting monetary donations (cash and checks only). Please make checks out to St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church and indicate on all donations that this is for "Support of Ukraine". Please provide your name and address as well. The Parish will forward monetary donations to appropriate charitable groups and to cover the purchase of needed items and shipping expenses

Online Donations in Support of Ukraine

The bishops of the Metropolia of Philadelphia have created a special fund entitled: “War Victims and Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine”. The fund can be accessed through the website of the Archeparchy of Philadelphia:

Two other avenues of providing aid have been offered by the Ukrainian Congress Committee. They can be accessed at the following websites: and They are safe and reliable and through them we are confident that the financial aid will be directed to where it is needed most.

Church Banners in Support of Ukraine!

Many thanks to Bohdan & Mykola Yaremko of SpeedPro of Long Island City
for designing and donating the banners and Irene Andreadis for coordinating this project.

Our Volunteers Preparing Packages
of Aid to Ukraine!

Westhampton Beach Fire Department
Collecting Supplies to Support Ukraine

Some of the Westhampton Beach Fire Department’s Juniors and their advisors
in front of a trailer full of supplies they collected for the people of Ukraine at the
firehouse on Saturday. The trailer, along with an even larger one full of clothing,
was taken to the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Riverhead
where the items will be sorted and shipped to Ukraine.

Rally to Support Ukraine - February 28,2022
Riverhead Town Hall

Over 100 supporters were in attendance including Town of Riverhead
and Suffolk County representatives. Many Ukrainians and
American-Ukrainians as well as many Parish friends and neighbors,
including representatives from our local Polish and Lithuanian
communities were in attendance. All providing very strong support.

The Rally for Support of Ukraine, sponsored by St. John the Baptist
Ukrainian Catholic Church of Riverhead and held at the Riverhead
Town Hall on Monday February 28, 2022 at 12 noon, was a great success.

Support For Ukraine Rally - Photograph Credits: John Neely

Governer Hochul Eliminates the Indoor Mask Mandate in New York.
But the Masking Mandate in Schools Remains in Effect.

Attention All Parishioners and Guests: Indoor Mask Mandate Dropped as of February 10, 2022.
Per New York Governor's announcement, wearing masks for indoor services at our church is no longer mandatory but it is still encouraged. Masks and hand sanitizers will still be provided for you at the church. All are encouraged to use their prudence on the matter. A reminder to all who feel sick and still are uncomfortable to join us for in person services to stay at home. Online streaming of church services will continue on our Facebook page. Desinfection protocols that are in place in our church will continue as well.  Thank you for your understanding and support!

Зміна щодо вимог носіння масок у приміщенні з 10 Лютого 2022 року.
До Уваги Парафіян та Гостей Храму!
Згідно з наказом Губернатора Нью Йорку, носіння масок під час Богослужень у храмі перестає бути обов'язковим. Однак ми далі заохочуємо цю практику. Маски та дезинфектор надалі будуть доступні усім відвідувачам храму. Нагадуємо усім, що якщо ви почуваєтеся хворі, чи не відчуваєтеся комфортно брати участь особисто в Богослужіння у зв'язку з небезпекою зараження, залишайтеся вдома. Онлайн Богослужіння і надалі транслюватимуться через нашу сторінку у Фейсбук. Усі практики дезинфекції які були встановлені на парафії, будуть продовжуватися. Дякуємо за Вашу підтримку та розуміння!

Celebrating 30 Years of Ukrainian Independence
1991 - 2021

Слава Україні!  -  Glory to Ukraine!


First Holy Solemn Communion 2021

We wish to congratulate
Marco, Milana and Dmytro
upon their First Holy Solemn Communion.

May out Good Lord guide
you in your lives.

Many Happy Years
A New & Beautiful Welcome for all into our Church
       It is with great joy we announce the completion of our Church Entrance project which includes a new set of doors, electrical lighting and a mosaic.

        We wish to thank the Wynnyckyj Family for sponsoring the mosaic in memory of Wasyl  Sr. and Julia Wynnyckyj.

          We also wish to extend our thanks to the Parish Sisterhood for sponsoring the new Church doors and the Panchak Family for sponsoring the electrical lighting.

          We also wish to extend our appreciation to Kevin Goodale and his Associates, Robert Panchak
and Brett Marascia Construction and Edgar Goodale and the Riverhead Building Supply Company for all of their efforts and support for the installation work.

New Church Sign Installed

We wish to express our deep appreciation to all who worked so hard to build and install the new Church  signage.

Thank you!

* Sunday 8:30am & 10am Ukrainian Liturgies will be celebrated indoors *

By the grace of God, Divine Liturgies for our parishioners and friends have resumed at St. John the Baptist UGCC The 8:30am English Liturgy and 10:00 Ukrainian Liturgy will be celebrated inside the church. The 8:30am and 10am Liturgies will also be streamed ONLINE.

PLEASE remember to follow the guidelines in accordance with civil and medical requirements as approved by our Bishop:

1.    Wearing of face coverings (masks) MUST be practiced. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you in church.
2.    Social distancing MUST be observed between ALL present at the services.
3.    Hand sanitizers MUST be used and will be available at the entrance to the church.
4.    People who have reservations about attending, especially those 65 and older, or have medical conditions, SHOULD participate in the Liturgies ONLINE.
5.    Confessions will be available and are encouraged. If you need to talk or visit with the priest, please contact parish office.

We look forward to once again coming together as a parish family.
God Bless You All!

Будь ласка пам’ятайте про дотримання вказівок та медичних рекомендацій, які теж є затверджені Владикою:

1.    Усі присутні ПОВИННІ мати маску. Якщо ви не маєте маски, ми вам її дамо у храмі.
2.    Усі присутні ПОВИННІ дотримуватися соціальної дистанції між собою.
3.    Усі присутні ПОВИННІ використовувати засоби дезинфекції рук, які знаходитимуться при вході до храму.
4.    Вірним, які мають застереження щодо відвідування церкви, особливо людям віком від 65 років або тим які мають проблеми зі здоров’ям ми рекомендуємо надалі брати участь у Богослуженнях онлайн.
5.    Заохочуємо до Сповіді. Якщо вам потрібно поговорити чи відвідати священика, будь ласка зателефонуйте до Парафіяльного Офісу.

З нетерпінням чекаємо миті, коли знову зможемо зібратися разом як Парафіяльна Родина. Божого Благословення Вам!

Supporting and Sustaining the Ukrainian-American Catholic Community on the East End of Long Island.

Hungry for the Gospel and a way to express their Ukrainian Catholic faith, St. John the Baptist of Riverhead was founded in 1924, and soon began to thrive.


Under the dynamic leadership of the founding Long Island parishioners and those devoted priests who led not only by word, but by example, many returned to their roots. The first Liturgies reflected what it means to be a "Church" and it was obvious that the Spirit of God was present.


This tradition continues today with many long time and new immigrant parishioners. Their faces filled with joy, and a yearning for a relevant Gospel message.


This Church exists to teach the Gospel, reach out to those who are seeking God, to comfort the sorrowful, to share the pain of those who suffer, to share with the needy, to be a tolerant, forgiving and accepting community, living faithfully the command of Jesus...


... To "love one another".

Будучи спраглими Божого Слова та маючи гаряче бажання проявити свою Святу Віру, перші парафіяни Цекви Св. Івана Хрестителя заснували свою парафію у 1924 році. Дуже швидко парафія почала зростати і процвітати.


Завдаки жертовності та динамічності засновників парафії, боговідданому служінню священиків, які провадили свій Божий виноградник не тільки словом, але і прикладом, багато людей вернулися до свого коріння. Перші Богослужіння яскраво відображали те, що означає бути Церквою. Беззаперечно, Дух Божий був  і провадив ними.


Саме ця традиція і до сьогодні продовжує жити і в серцях новоприбулих парафіян. Обличчя їхні сповнені радості і бажанням жити Євангелією.


Наша Свята Церква існує для того, щоби рости у Божій любові, простягати свої руки тим, хто шукають Бога у цьому світі, потішати засмучених, ділитись болями з терплячими, допомогати потребуючим, прощати та жити згідно заповіддю Христовою-


... "Любіть один одного".

The icon of St. John baptizing Our Lord Jesus Christ in the River Jordan by the famous Ukrainian artist, Petro Andrusiw, (Center) and the classic Byzantine icons of the Mother of God (Left)  and of Christ the Teacher (Right), painted by world-renowned iconographer Sviatoslav Hordynsky, grace the Altar and Sanctuary. The Iconostas were commissioned for the Parish's 40th Anniversary and dedicated in 1964 by Bishop Joseph Shmondiuk of Stamford.

July 8, 2018
The Parish celebrates the ordination
of our very first Deacon.
Congratulations - Deacon Joe Lavino
Left to Right: Fr. Bohdan, Fr. Roman, Bishop Emil , Bishop Paul, Deacon Joe, Fr. Peter
The Parish Children Celebrate
Taras Shevchenko Day -  Sunday March 11, 2018

День народження Христа

Children's Christmas Choir
Our Parish - First Communion
Sunday May 15, 2016

Service of Christian Unity - January 24, 2016

Annual Chicken Barbecue
A Good Time Had by All